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Are kimberly locke and harvey walden still dating

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Meanwhile, chick has found a new man to step in--"Celebrity Fit Club" trainer Harvey Walden! He didn't need to be publicly thrown into this mess. Hes the one who has bought shame, pain and humilated the family, sorry old hag. That Will explain Why she Looks Nothing Like Matthew. I Think If Bey Had to Do This All Over Again She Would Rethink Her Decision To Announce Her So-Called Pregnancy. But All This Negativity Um Sure Wasn't Part Of The Package.If you remember, he dated contestant Kimberley Locke for 2 years, and they broke up March of last year. Alex is reportedly receiving child support from Mat, after she got fired from the Interscope exec job he got her that we exclusively told you about. Can your new man give you some money to buy a decent weave ? She could've told her DUMB story just as well without exploiting her child. He hates the fact that bey smarten up and fried his ass, doing beyonces family them all like that. im not gonna lie, but i googled the name just for the heck of it, and the stories (idk how true or false) say that beyonce was born to a "celestine beyince" wtf???!!!!» Kobe Bryant & Le Bron James DRAG Trump After He Uninvites Steph Curry To The White House, But He Wasn't Going Anyway» Chris Brown's ‘HOAFM’ Debuts At No.3 Despite Short Sales Week ‘STAR’ Actress Ryan Destiny Is Reportedly Being SUED By Management Team» Remy Ma Serves Throwback Lil Kim Vibes On Fiery New Single, ‘Wake Me Up’ Did She Fire Shots At Nicki's Alleged Relationship With Nas?What a lot of the people on blogs do is something called cyber bullying. Have some dignity (if not for yourself, for your child) and stay quiet. Her real birth father name is Gisel Manier -don't believe look him up. Tina was already pregnant when she went to work as an receptionest for Matthew @his Xrox company... I love "Beyonce and Family"..information along with the World wide search engine network system....answered a whole lot of questions as to why this ...why that....which is none of my bees wax did clear up things a bit . Steve Jobs had passed on with undeniable rumour relating to a possible aids related cancer death. If his money and wealth could not save his health and earthly life, who are these niggas folling around jumping from one to next, having babies, if theres baies being born they left safe sex out the window.And it is extremely easy because you are behind computers. old saying: believe little of what you see, NOTHING of what you hear!! is on record as saying that she would be ready to have a child by the time she was 30-well, she's 30!! GOOD THING SHE AND KELLY FIRED HIM BUT IT TOOK TOO LONG NOW EVERYONE WILL BELIEVE LATOYA AND LATAVIA ABOUT HOW THEY WERE DISMISSED FROM DESTINYS CHILD!! Rumors swerling even about A listers ccarrying the virus HIV which leads to Aids. He had a less deadly form of the cancer but chose to delay the surgery to cure it because he thought by not acknowledging the severity of the illness somehow that lessened the potential harm it could. I don't really know why he was brought up in this conversation. Jobs had an illegitimate child that he refused to acknowledge.

Tina has had to put up with his trifiling ways for many years now and i hope and trust she do not let this man hurt her any further, ever in life. Good for their asses for trying to act like they're perfect.

Icing on the cake, she tried to pay her way with her vagina and secure a fraudulent career people work their asses off for.

What a waste, poor baby has a whore for a mother and a lying douche for a father.

Deets and the first official pics of Nixon inside... In the new issue of tabloid magazine, Mathew Knowles' mistress of 18 months, 40-year-old Alexsandra Wright, is showing off her and Mat's baby, Nixon, for the first time.

And she's also telling some eyebrow-raising tales about Mathew trying to buy their baby...his own daughter Beyonce & her husband Jay-Z to raise.