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I didn't want my half hour wait to suddenly become a two hour wait. All makes for a loopy stripper that likes to goof off. losangeleshighroller Paradise-Nadia I could spend all day with Nadia. Oh well, now that the word is out, might as well help her with her holiday money. Except she is taller, probably 5'7", so she's well over 6' in her stripper heels. If you are new to the hobby, she will talk your ear off and give you zero mileage and you will be pissed so AVOID AVOID AVOID. Her only imperfection if you're being picky is that those implants aren't the most natural looking. What a sweet lady MILF about 5-1 120 lbs nice MILF tits, She's really taken good care of herself. Ecstasy (inched out Jet Strip) Boned In grows when people like you tell friends about it.However, this website IS what you put into it, SO with that being said friendly interaction and maybe a sexy lingerie picture neck down, whatever you are comfortable with you'd be surprised with what you get in return.Top 10 strip clubs daily real time roll calls (RTRC's), info and more... Refine your skills to achieve the passion and pleasure you desire in an awesome community of like-minded aficionados! Know how to navigate through the site with ease and enjoyment. -bullmastiff16 This is a great site the best at what it does -Grind tester The dancers get addicted to the money/lifestyle.Click or tap on the "BEFORE BI, AFTER BI" image below to get the scoop. The pls get addicted to either companionship/fantasy/or getting their rocks off.Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's got a great set of fun bags that you can play with and has very soft skin that is great to touch. Membership is required and you must be logged in, to read or post on the Blog, Dancer Reviews or view Daily RTRC's.Whether getting a topless, nude or VIP dance, she sets the expectations upfront and delivers what she promises. -Schound Monarchs-Annmarie Lapped this Hot Chocolate and she has legit lap dancing skills. Members, not logged in, will encounter the Log-in button. As of, October 2013, prior to approval, new member sign-ups get the "standard pat-down procedure".

RC & MISH only as we were trying to be "low key" as there's a bunch of people walkin around being nosey lol I don't mind u can watch all u want haha creamcheese Flamingo-Denise I'd like to kill those two bastards who have revealed Denise to the world. After shutting down access to New Member Sign-ups for a couple weeks, and then, a complete lock down of to non-members, we re-vamped a stronger, harder and sexier site wrapped-up in hard core back-end security; letting us enjoy stronger protections than ever before. By simplifying and making it easy to post and access Dancer Reviews at a scroll of a thumb or flick of a finger.

I may quit going to strip clubs but I don't think I can quit BI. Seriously, someone should do a documentary or something on this shit.

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Y si no quieren pues vayanse a la chingada..." Spanish translation provided by- chingao Additional comment by- Papichulo @chingao well put straight to the point no sugar coating.😂🤣. Le agregaría que las fotos tienen que estar desnudas. Approx 5'4" AA cutey with a pretty good but soft body. Nice big ass and plump D tits, natural, I think, but sometimes I suck at guessing that.

I don't agree with some of the other reviews--I don't think she's dumb. I do think she'd rather be having her appendix removed with a butter knife than be working as a stripper. On the bed she did the weirdest thing I've ever experienced in a strip club--a full somersault using my body as a gymnastic mat.