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Heath decides to leave the Bay, but Bianca stops him. When Jade Montgomery (Tasma Walton) comes to the Bay after Mangrove River High is burnt down, she tries to frame Heath with an assault claim, but is thwarted by Tamara Kingsley (Kelly Paterniti).

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Like Archimedes, Ramanujan, and Gregory, Leibniz, van Ceulen, I could approximate, but then I’d fail!

All participants received t-shirts with the slogan I Love Pi (It's Irrationally Fun! Those with the fastest times received pi related prizes including a pi mug and gift cards for pie and pizza. We are celebrating Pi day by making pies with the Pi symbol cut into the top crust and taking them to all our friends!

Beginning at (3.14159) in the afternoon, we were all given free pie from a local bakery.

Many employees also entered a "pie eating" contest.

” And although this poem was nice and sweet In my heart I knew it couldn’t compete. I knew that I had really lost the race The day my calculator died.

[CHORUS] I met a guy in Period 3 who seemed like he could help me At least he didn’t turn away.