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Consolidating sap systems

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Instead of documenting tens of thousands of fields you’re not even going to use, all you may need to document is a much smaller, more manageable number of fields.The data mapping process: We pull all of your legacy data into our mapping tool and tell you what it will look like — and how it will behave — in your SAP systems before it’s ever loaded into SAP.For 14 years, the company has provided data migration services to many of the world’s largest SAP customers.A: The missing step is a baseline data audit, or data assessment.

What we’ve found is that — unless you first do a data assessment — you spend a year getting all this design work done, but when you go to load your data, it won’t load into the system. Because the design doesn’t match up to the reality.If you have a year-long, million project, then this three-month overrun costs you an additional million.A: For Back Office Associates, 90% of the data audit is completed in one week.Many SAP professionals rely on the ASAP methodology to manage SAP.But by adding just one additional step to this methodology, most SAP projects can save not only time, but also money and man-hours.The mismatch between the new system design and operational reality causes the data load to fail and, in turn, leads to significant project delays and cost overruns.