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In order to withdraw any winnings you may make from your bonus funds you need to wager them six times over.
Microsoft has unveiled a free HD Skype tool for small business users called Skype Meetings.

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At present Jewish influence is the least-discussed of all important issues.

For Jewish influences in the USA, I recommend Kevin Mac Donald's books.

Here are a few examples, selected to be as varied as possible, shorn of complications. Look at evidence that Christianity (and Islam) were both part-Jewish fakes.

Followed by comments on many beliefs and slogans of modern times. Some people own assets, property etc and underdeclare their income. It's now known that Hitler didn't want war, but Jews did, and got it through Churchill's lies. Jews (for example Bernard Baruch, who was economic dictator of the USA when it entered the First World War) did their best to persuade influential Britons that they would benefit—even though their entire empire, and centuries of assets, would be lost.

He's an evolutionary psychologist, with tenure, in California.

As far as I know, there are no similar detailed books dealing with the UK and European experience, though there are foreshadowings (e.g. It's essential that serious people work to change this situation.

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It's not published by a mainstream publisher—publishing is Jewish-controlled—but by an expensive press and, more recently, by less expensive print-on-demand technology, a by-product of Internet. His books are intellectually cautious—for example, nothing on Malthus, and not much on white eugenics theory; no Khazar theory, no 'holocaust denial'; nothing on: Kennedy's murder related to currency, Gulf of Tonkin, 'Liberty', 9/11, or science revisionism.For example, most whites have no idea what the 'Jewish' so-called 'Holy Books' are, or what they say.Another example is money: few people, still, understand the 'Federal Reserve' in the USA. It is, now, abundantly clear that Jews are a serious danger to civilisation.Only those people who research for themselves will ever see this material.There are, and probably will remain, millions of people totally ignorant of what is one of the most important malign influences in the world.Note that abstractions are well-adapted to subtle changes of meaning, since their content depends on examples, which can be changed, dropped, augmented as required.