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On the other hand, if the dog is unfriendly or bites, then you may have untrustworthy people around you.A small dog may indicate these features to a lesser degree.Individuals that like dogs and enjoy being around them will have no problem understand why these animals can represent good omens in a dream.That said, even if you like dogs, and dream that one bit you, it may still not have a positive meaning.On the other hand, if you happen to uncover positive things, then you can look upon this as an opportunity to deepen important relationships, as well as find ways to cultivate new ones that will have special meaning for you in the future.

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If the dog is friendly and large, you can expect these attributes to be enhanced.Towards the end of the dream, the dog turns into a friend that you have been thinking about dating. It had its front paws on/near my shoulders/chest area. I dreamt that the really nice brown dog kept walking up and down the side walk I was standing, I am normally afraid of dogs but this dog seemed so friendly and armless.Since the dog in this dream is large and friendly, you can begin your interpretation by concluding that the dream is about a good friendship, or some type of signification and positive enhancement. It eventually stopped and was just starring at me in a friendly manner.While friendly dogs can indicate positive occasions and events, unfriendly ones may indicate that you will need to make some adjustments in your life.No matter whether you uncover a co-worker that is not trustworthy, or a family member that is hiding something, it is always better to find out as soon as possible.informal), two shakes of a lamb's tail (informal), bat of an eye (informal)scold, rebuke, tell someone off (informal), lecture, carpet (informal), censure, reprimand, reproach, berate, chide, tear into (informal), reprove, upbraid, take someone to task, read someone the riot act, bawl someone out (informal), chew someone out (U.